Hi, I am Demetris.

If you are ready to change your life and become your own boss in less than a month...then you've come to the  right place
Join my Unstuck ONline program 
I'm about to take you by the hand and help you generate your first sustainable income online.  Which is Evergreen and on Autopilot. 
ABout the Coaching program
I've taught over 1,500 people how to start a successful online business in the last 4 years. In all that time, I discovered THE KEY DIFFERENCE between those who make it and those who don’t.  Here’s what I found…

Hands-on Mentorship.
Starting out in 2012 I remember I couldn't afford a mentor or coach.  Starting out in this industry is tough.   My way, was snail pace because I didn't have a coach or mentor. I did follow others discreetly but that still took time.  I've made it, but it took me a few years.  

I knew that working with a coach or mentor, would have gotten me success on that same month.  One thing you don't realize, is the process.  If you don't understand the process, you don't have a chance.    

You will get to the point where you will feel stuck.  

Such as...
  1. Where do I start from ? 
  2. What do I need to get started? 
  3. What about Adwords?
  4. How to build a website ?
  5. ON what platform should i put my website on?
  6. How to create videos?
  7. How to build a list?
  8. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  9. How to find my passion and make money from it?
  10. How to make money online in general?

The Solution.

 I've set up a custom system that is my blueprint on how my business has been running online in the past 4 years. It's been tested over time and proven to bring me a sustainable income month in month out.  I'm going to help you get your business up and running in hopefully less than a month. I'm saying hopefully, because everyone is different.  And as a disclaimer, i'm just saying that if you listen to me and follow my exact steps and you're ready to invest...you'll see faster results.  

If you already have a business online, i'll help you maximize your profits and help you grow while putting things on autopilot.   If you're a total new to all of this, then I'll take you by the hand, step by step through the use of my courses and my self.  

I'm here to take you by the hand, and make sure you generate your first dollar online.   Once I achieve that, then you're free to go on your online journey.  This is not for everyone.  Only for the ones that are ready to listen and focus and ready to invest.
This course includes
Understanding the Process is Key.  I'll help you build your own foundation from ground up.  We'll set it up so you can start getting paid.  
Full access to all my products and training courses.  I'll also provide you with any information you need.  I'll always be there for you until you achieve success.  
Yes we get to chat daily if you like.  Just ask your question, and i'll get right back to you.  You will never find this type of deal with any coach around.  I'm available almost 24/7.  I say almost because I got a life too! :)
I'll be providing you with the latest changes in the industry when needed.  And warn you for any thing that might get you in trouble online. 
I'll be skype calling you ever week so we can talk and see where your business stands and discuss on your next steps and action plan. 
Everything will be easy as long as you're a good listener and an action taker with what I'm teaching you.  Important to have a great mindset and positive attitude.    
what is covered in the Coaching sESSIONS
II'll be providing a one on one coaching program  Once a month you and I will have an hour long Skype call.

I will determine exactly what to do next:
  • 1.  What idea should you choose ? 
  • 2.  Review your current setup and business
  • 3.  How do you get more traffic
  • 4.  How can you apply the dpapa affiliate marketing and blogging strategies to your business
  • 5.  How do you monetize your blog? 
  • 6.  what technology should you use? 

I'll also answer any questions you have

The session will be recorded and made available for you to review at any time.

You will be given 3 specific tasks to take away from each call and prepare for next month.  

I will follow up with you weekly to check  in your progress and make sure you are on track.

You will have access to the exclusive Group to discuss your progress questions and get advice from myself and other members.

You will also get access to all previous products I have created and will be creating.  You will also have access to me through the special group, where i'll be sharing more great value to my students.  
Let Me Take You By The hand To Your Own Financial  Freedom following my own success...
 Coaching And Mentoring with DPAPA 
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